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Mark lavallÈe presents a brand new video training for you.

How to get your ex back.
without months of coaching or no contact.

Mark Lavallée has personally coached clients all across the globe to rekindle their relationship and create a love that lasts.

Here's What You'll Learn In This Free Video Training:

Once you have worked this system, you will have a mindset shift and focus that will change your entire life. You will never want to go back to mediocrity and ‘Settling’…

It’s not until you understand and develop all 4 that you can get you ex back & keep them.

#1: Space & reflection

Right now, you are probably struggling to stick to no contact, or maybe you can’t seem to cut contact at all.
What you don’t realise is that there is no need for complete no contact, and there is a simple, satisfying message that you can send them that will enable you to regain your power and take control of the situation.

#2: Commitment to change

You know you need to make changes to reattract them, but you are probably wasting your time focusing on the wrong things.
Hint: Joining a gym is not a priority.
Change can take some hard work, but this is the area my clients really get to enjoy.

#3: Fill your knowledge gap

100% of your relationships so far have failed. If you want to make a new relationship with your Ex successful, it’s time to learn how to do things differently.
Plus, what you learn here makes you a better parent, friend and colleague.

#4: Reattraction

Reattraction is not about nervous dates, apologies or heartfelt letters.
The word of the day is fun, and when you are prepared that’s all you need to focus on.

If you need a little extra help.

Since we receive so many daily requests, we implemented a process in order to efficiently guide through new applicants. These are your next steps in order to request our expertise:

1. Choose a time

Choose a time on my calendar on the button to the bottom right. Appointments are the minimum of an hour but may run longer, so choose a day where you won't be distracted.

2. Tell your story

Once your payment is processed you will receive an email that gives you an opportunity to tell me your story before our appointment (saves time).*

Let's talk

Our appointment will be help over zoom.
There is no rush, my purpose is to help you understand what's happening and leave you with a way to move forward.

What My Clients Say About My Work

Here are some examples of feedback my clients send me.

Just a few remarks about these case studies:

1.) These are all real, genuine clients of mine who share their honest opinion. Nobody has been compensated in any shape or form to give testimonials.

2.) I cannot guarantee you any results whatsoever. All of these people worked hard and smart for the result they wanted. There is a strong chance your goal will change as you grow.

3.) These results are generally only possible if you speak to me in a 1:1 coaching session so that we can tailor-make a plan.
Warning: these sessions take several hours.

"He truly is trying to work things out now"

OMG! thank you so much for your help.

I feel so stupid for letting things go on for so long. I have to admit I’m struggling to forgive him for just leaving and not fighting for us, but he truly is trying to work things out now and I wouldn’t have had this chance if it wasn’t for you.


"I have found myself again"

"After a few tearful conversations, Mark made me realise that I needed to set some boundaries and go into no contact.

A few weeks later and I have found myself again, I actually feel happy again and although I’m not back with him yet, I have forgiven him and I do see a future with us together.

I highly recommend the transformation course and I will continue the work we started."


"Worth Every Penny"

Before I contacted Mark, I was afraid I would be “wasting” money by hiring a coach, but then I realized I was wasting precious days of my life feeling stuck.

I am SO glad I reached out to Mark. He goes way above and beyond, surpassing my expectations, and he truly cares about my situation and my well being. I can’t thank him enough. Worth every penny!


"I understand why he did what he did"

Thank you for helping me over the last few days, I feel much calmer now I understand why he did what he did.

I still hope he will reach out one day, but I’m not chasing him anymore, he’s not worth it.


"they should teach this stuff at school"

This course is great, they should teach this stuff at school, it changed the way I approach conflict with my husband…

I feel so much closer to him now.


"helping me get my shit together"

Mark, THANKYOU for being an inspiration and a great coach, you are devoted; the best in transforming people’s lives and you do that so passionately.

I’m forever grateful for helping me get my “shit together”


"focus on myself and my own growth"

Thank you for helping me find a project that’s going to both educate me now and help me make money in the future.

It’s going to make me focus on myself and my own growth.

May you continue to grow and glow and may the good Lord bless you. I think everyone who knows you is lucky to have you around. You’re an angel in human form. 😇


"I’d recommend the course to anyone who wants to grow from the inside out."

A huge thank you to Mark for the coaching and all the support he gave.

Since beginning the course and at around the same time I was undergoing therapy. I have grown so much more confident in myself. Other people have taken notice of this and I’m seeing many positive changes in my social and work life.

I’m much more comfortable in public situations, can enjoy myself better in social circles, and have taken on bigger leadership roles at work.

I’d recommend the course to anyone who wants to grow from the inside out.


"I'm happy being single and dating at the moment"

Mark's coaching has completely changed my perspective on 21st century dating.

When I became single again, I never thought I would ever meet someone new. .

I'm happy being single and dating at the moment, but I'm getting loads of matches and hopefully I'll find the right woman for me, eventually.


" I feel better about myself"

Thankyou brother, you have completely change they way I look at dating, I used to struggle talking to dates, but now my nerves have gone and it's all because I feel better about myself.



"You’re a fucking godsend"

You’re a fucking godsend.

You saved our relationship and I’ll never forget it.


"Thankyou for helping us get together"

Thankyou for helping us get together. We are truly happy and we hope to be able to visit you soon in the UK.

Your help has gave me such happiness I could never repay you.


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